Our Mission

Introduce a new line of revolutionary acoustic and acoustic-electric violins to be unveiled shortly.

Produce the classic line of instruments with the classic electronics and sound.

Introduce a new line of bowed string bridge pickups.

Update MIDI capabilities and compatibilities for today's applications.

Offer technical support and repair services for our new Victor instruments as well as instruments customers own already.

Reintroduction of an updated line of amplifiers created specifically for electric bowed strings.

Joey Floyd on Tour With Toby Keith

Joey Floyd

Guitarist/fiddler Joey Floyd on tour with Toby Keith during his “Hammer Down” Tour, summer 2013.
Joey ripping it up on his custom Victor Performer M1.

A New Benchmark:
The Performer MK1

The new Victor Performer is playing across the country in the Summer of 2013. We're on-stage with Joey Floyd, a long-time pro musician. Playing with WIllie Nelson at the tender age of 10, he is currently the guitarist and fiddler with Toby Keith. He's been our "go to guy" for this instrument. His insights into updates and modifications have made the Performer M1 a much better "vetted" musical tool for the road.

Joey has been kind enough to charterize the instrument as "awesome."

Victor founder Mike Gende initially met Joey Floyd during negociations for purchase of another musical instrument company. Since then, the two have been working on a new electirc instrument based upon Gende's designs and Floyd's needs. This recently culminated in the Performer MK1, pictured above.

“This violin just sounded so much better than the others I’d been playing. I’m happy to keep using them. It’s awesome.”

Joey Floyd

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