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Victor Musical Instruments: A New Revolution

Hello and thanks for visiting! I’m Mike Gende the president of the new Victor Musical Instruments LLC based near Chicago Illinois. We are excited to announce that Victor Music Instruments is finally making its debut. We are in the process of bringing the business “on line”, seeking and finding new things, arriving at production methods and procedures, and going to market. In the coming weeks, much will take place.

As for me, I'm a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and long-time acoustic/electric strings enthusiast. I have also labored in technical fields, working for IBM, AT&T Network Systems, and Bell Labs. We have run our own successful software development/hardware integration company for twenty years. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's of Science in Information Systems and Business Management. I have played a variety of musical instruments, including the violin, for over thirty years in many settings. I continue to play actively to this day.

My background in business, music, and technology, as well as a passion for the violin, is what drove me to start this company. We are working to introduce the Victor brand as a premier resource for bowed electric string players.

Mike Gende

Mike Gende, President,
Victor Musical Instruments, LLC

Some may notice the similarity between our goals and those of the former Zeta Music Systems, LLC, both my companies. Please see the History link for more information on our name change. In short, Victor Musical Instruments, LLC is named to honor my father, Victor Joseph Gende, who passed in February of 2012.

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Respect for the past, yet looking forward

We hope you will love the instruments that come from Victor luthiers. We have some fine, new models for the acoustic and electric player. Besides that, we will be reintroducing some classics such as the well know Jazz Fusion. For the electric, we are producing our own Crown Vic and Resonance pickup systems (with unique Contact-Hide technology) as well as the well know Jazz, Strados and E-series pickups. We hope you will agree that we're doing exciting new things in both instruments and pickup systems.

Please Note

We will be making our pickup systems available for purchase as stand-alone products. Thus, anyone can electrify the instrument of their choosing or update an existing instrument.

We hope you will also enjoy our new and purely acoustic instruments. A case in point, expect to see images and sound samples of our amazing new Victor Performer and Performer Elite violins on this site soon.

Since Victor products are just becoming available, one could understand questions about what a company like ours expects to do. The answer is to respect the storied history of those who have come before and then to move forward. We have a core team of expert violin fabricators and players with decades of experience to their credit. It is our goal to take the art of expression using electric and acoustic strings to a new place for the modern player.

Victor Violins are expertly CNC cut, hand crafted/fitted, and finished in the United States.

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At your service

The new Victor Music Systems, while of course servicing our own instruments, will also be offering service for instruments created by the original Zeta Music Systems, INC. As we are able to procure the electronics, internals, and other components, we can keep your instrument in working order, effect repairs or make other modifications. Please contact us concerning any service details at Service@VictorViolins.Com

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Victor Musical Instruments, LLC is here (finally)! We are excited about creating a legacy of excellence. Please bookmark this site and visit often as updates should be fairly frequent. Also, keep updated by getting on our email list (we do not share your information with anyone) via the “List” link above.

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